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Welcome to the homepage for Bryte Elementary School, home of the Bryte Knights. The students at Bryte Elementary School are some of the best and “brytest” students around.  They represent many countries and speak many languages other than English.


We currently have students in grades K-2.  This unique opportunity allows us to focus on early childhood education and create competent readers and independent learners.  Our goal is for every student to leave Bryte on or above grade level.  Our second grade students attend Riverbank for grades 3-8 following their time with us.   


We have a uniform policy within our district for all K-8 students:  tops may be navy blue or white with a collar and tucked in.  Bottoms may be khaki or navy blue.  School t-shirts may also be worn.


The original school building was built in 1955 on Todhunter Avenue, near the "Round About Circle" adjacent to Lisbon Avenue.


Generations of families have shared the Bryte experience:  teachers caring for well dressed students in crisp blue and white uniforms.


You are invited to visit us at any time, please sign in at our school office.