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Behavioral Expectations

On a visit to our campus you will find students who are respectful, responsible, and safe.  These are the three simple rules that we teach and enforce.


We have high expectations for student behavior and when students do make poor choices we use a highly effective discipline model.


First, students are held accountable for their behavior in the classroom.  Every teacher has high expectations for behavior and a manner of monitoring student successes and sharing this with the student and parents or guardians. 

On campus, in the cafeteria and on the playground, we use "comment" cards that can either be positive or negative.  When students exhibit appropriate behavior they may earn a "good choice" comment.  When they act inappropriately they may get a "poor choice" comment card. 


Secondly, we want all students to follow our school behavior expectations.


  • Walk in the hallways on the yellow lines.
  • Listen to school adults.
  • Use "problem solving words" when having a concern or problem with another person.

        "When you ______, I feel ______.  I need you to ______."


          When a student needs a consequence, it will be suitable to the offense, such as time out of recess play for problems on the playground.


We thank you for your support in asking your student to report any concerns to the adults at school.  Feel free to contact us immediately with any issues your student shares with you that we may assist in problem solving.  We work to ensure that all students feel safe at school at all times.